capcut vs alightmotion

CapCut vs Alight Motion: Which App is Best for your Video Editing?

Now we live in a digital age, and every changing moment is introducing innovation and technology.  In this changing age of innovation in the digital world, there are lots of video editing applications some like Capcut, Alight Motion, Inshot, Kine Master, and Filmora . In this article i will discuss about two apps one is CapCut and the second is the Alight Motion video editing app.

CapCut and Alight Motion are the great apps of this modern era.  It is capable of transforming our videos into modern videos with the best method. In this article, we will comparison between these two apps and also talk about their premium and free features.  

CapCut is owned by ByteDance, and Capcut is a video editing app for Android, iOS, and desktop users. This app has more than a 500+ million downloads and a 4.4 rating on the Google Play Store. This is a free app and the method of use is very simple and It is equipped with modern tools.

Application NameCapcut Pro APK
PlatformAndroid / iOS
Size230 MB
CompatibleAndroid 6.0 or iOS 11 or more
Rating4.4 out of 5
Published byByteDance
App storeGoogle Play Store / iOS App store
Price0 USD

CapCut provides an excellent UI/UX to its users, who can easily edit their videos even though they are not experienced. There are numerous features of CapCut that allow us to export our videos in 4K resolution by converting to ultra -HD in any of device. 

Each feature of the Capcut is of the utmost importance. The CapCut keyframe feature, which can seize numerous videos in a single frame, offers a highly key role in editing in  Captit photos and videos. Each feature of this app is capable of turning the video into a beautiful one.

The latest version of this app can be downloaded on your Android device, iOS device, or PC device from this authentic and any malware free website.

One of the major features of this app is Green screen. In other words, it is also called Green Screen. It changes the background of the video and helps to remove or apply any element. Most content creators use the feature as they make a professional content and use the green screen to hide and replace the scene of video.

Customizable Text

A content creator uses a variety of colored text fonts and animations in its videos to improve their content. Mostly, it is beneficial for those people who share their reels on TikTok, Facebook or Instagram. You can add captions and subtitles through a lot of ease.

Capcut MOD APK 1

Audio video Editing Tools

With the latest version of Capcut you can use the latest tools of audio and video for editing. With the help of this you can change the voice of videos or if you want to turn off the voice, this tool is very helpful for your videos.

Alight Motion is another familiar video editing app, and this app is known by its Pro Motion Graphic. The ability to provide a very high quality feature. This app provides many kinds of graphics and vector graphics of its users. This app has 100 million+ downloads and a 4 star rating.

Alight Motion is a famous app that is popular because of a major features. Mostly use this app for those whose work is related to the studio and perform the heavy task. This app provides heavy tools and features. This is the first app that contains motion graphics, visual effects and provide many other features. Alight Motion contains transitions and effects such as QR Code. Both of these two apps Capcut and Alight Motion in common is that both have a Keyframe feature.

Application NameAlight Motion
CompatibleAndroid 6.0+ or iOS 11 or more
Download size193 MB
Published byAlight Motion
Rating4.0 / 5

Capcut and Alight Motion are very famous apps. They have some benefits and some flaws that I will tell you about it. 

Capcut is an app that is available for free to use, and they can get access to all its features without watermarks in the videos. If we talk about Alight Motion, some of its features are free, and the rest are paid. If we use the free version of Aight Motion, users will get to see watermarks in their videos.

  • Keyframe animation
  • Vector designs and Graphics
  • Blur and Glitch Effects

Lets discuss the comparison of these two Apps Capcut vs Alight Motion.

Comparison Table Capcut vs Alight Motion

FeatureCapCut Pro APKAlight Motion
Video editing toolsBasic and advancedBasic and Advanced
Animation toolsBasic and advancedBasic Advanced
Templates and presetsUnlimitedLimited
Export settings4K 60fpsWide range
Chroma keyyesyes
Vector designNoYes
Easy to useYesComplex
Motion graphicsLimitedUnlimited
Price0 USDPaid
Easy to useLimited vector designs
Amazing UI/UXLack of some motion effects
Free to use
Spectacular vector designsPaid
Powerful professional video editing toolsNot Easy to use as CapCut
360-degree video editingLimited templates and presets
Multiple layer editing

Capcut is a good choice for those who are bigneers because this app has a simple and  easy-to-use interface.

Both apps provide better video quality, Capcut provides 4K video resolution in its free version, but in Alight Motion, you can expect 1080 resolution video, or if you want 4K resolution, you pay more for that.

Capcut is good if you are a normal video editor because of its free and simple interface. Or if you are an animated vector graphic designer, then go for Alight Motion.

After comparing these two apps just like Capcut vs Premiere pro, it has the intention that both Capcut vs Alight Motion are prominent in their performance. These apps prove to be excellent in terms of video editing and photo editing, but a question here arises as to which is the best for a new bie and which is the most convenient app for use in both of them?

So for a newbie, the most convenient app is CapCut because its layout is simple and easy to use after Alight motion, and all features are available for free. While this is not the case in Alight Motion, it is a little difficult for newbies, and it does not have all the features that we have to pay for to get them. Alight Motion is a great application for Pro users. It is equipped with very powerful feature, such as vector design, 360 video editing, etc.