How to reverse video in Capcut?

How to reverse video in CapCut?

Video editing is becoming a necessary ability in current digital era for content creators, social media experts, and film maker. Everyone can make refined, professional videos with changed themes, for this thanks to the development of editing programs that are easy to use and creative, such as CapCut Mod APK without watermark provided us.

CapCut’s plan view point describes effortlessness and accessibility. Capcut app’s interface is clean, automatic, and easy to direct, which is substantial advantage for beginners. Users can speedily import images, videos, and audio files in workspace and start editing without sharp learning curve. This ease of use lowers obstacle to entry, allowing more people to explore their creativity through video editing.

Reversing your videos is a popular editing method that can give them more aptitude. Reversing a video can give it a renewed look or just give it a new creative design. This tutorial will cover how to use CapCut to reverse films, providing step-by-step guidelines and information to help you become capable with this imaginative method.

A video Reversing can make attention-grabbing effects which can make your video extra attractive with high resolution. It is technique which oftenly used for specific forming of slow-motion divisions, funny moment, or it can just to enhance creative rotation to consistent videotape.

Even though CapCut is simple to use, it still offers a lot of powerful features. Here are some of the main tools you can use to get creative with your videos:

Filters and Effects

Choose from extensive range of filters plus effects to make your videos look extra attractive with just few steps.

 Cutting and Splitting

Easily trim and split video clips to remove unwanted parts and create symmetric flow.


Add smooth transitions among clips to make your videos with a professional touch.

Text and Stickers

 Cover text and stickers to add framework, humor or easily marking to your videos.

Audio Editing

In Capcut can use multiple audio tracks to add background music, sound effects, and voiceovers.


Add smooth transitions among clips to make your videos with a professional touch.

In CapCut reversing video is simple procedure that can add fun twist to your content. You can reverse video in capcut within seconds to following some simple steps.

if you don’t have, firstly download CapCut from this website or also from Apple store (for Capcut iOS users). Once its installed, then open it up.

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On main screen, you will see the “New Project” button. press on it. Go into your device’s gallery, select video to reverse, and tap “Add” to import into your project where you have to work.


When you click the New Project button you will see your device gallery then select video which you want to edit then go to bottom of the screen, you’ll find timeline with your video clip.


Go to bottom and you can see the Edit option click the edit button and then you find the “Reverse” button. It usually looks like an arrow pointing backward or might simply say “Reverse.”


Tap on the “Reverse” button. CapCut will start processing your video to play it backward. it takes some time as per the video length and when reversing process is complete you can see results of your video.

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Once reversing process complete, play back video to see either it looks as you want. If it is not or requires more additional changes like trimming, addition of effects, or overlapping audio to increase your reversed video.


If changes are done as per requirements, then click export button (typically an arrow pointing up) in upper right corner of that screen. Select video resolution and border rate you wish, then tap “Export” and save video to your device.


How to reversing video in Capcut is a very simple and straightforward method. It helps to make unique or increase your video project. Whatever you’re newbie or professional its really easy and simple task to reversing video as follow these steps to mention above and get your content make more unique.